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Welcome To A Season Of Giving!

A Season of Giving is an opportunity for each of us to make this holiday season special by giving to others.  When asked what I remember the most about each holiday season as a child it isn’t the gifts I received, but rather the acts of giving and service we did as a family for others.  My parents taught us that we needed to give to others even when we had needs ourselves.  This is a tradition I am trying now to share with my children and would love to have each of you join with me in doing the same.

Acts of giving don’t have to be grand or expensive.  I have watched as my neighbor across the street gives of himself each time it snows by shoveling snow for his neighbor next door.  What a kind and thoughtful thing to do.  I have been overwhelmed by acts of giving from strangers who, as I juggle my babies, one in each arm, hold doors open for me or get me a cart at the grocery store.  These simple acts of giving make a world of difference.

My hope in creating this blog is to provide a place where we can all come together, encourage, inspire one another,  and share stories and pictures of the acts of giving that not only we have received, but that we have given.   Making this holiday merrier for everyone, one person at a time.

I would like to ask each of you to take some time and plan ways you can give to others.  Encourage your family and friends to join in.  A Season Of Giving is for everyone!

*Please take a few moments and write down what you did or tell us about how someone has given to you.  Take some fun pictures.

*E-mail them to me at

*I will post the pictures and stories here for everyone to enjoy, and be inspired to give of themselves and make this a wonderful Season Of Giving.

I look forward to hearing your stories and sharing them with others!

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