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Giving Ideas

November 28, 2010

Here are a few ideas to help inspire you.  Please comment with any ideas you have to inspire others.

*Make a quilt for your local Children’s Hospital

* Shovel snow for your neighbor

* Take cookies to a friend

* Adopt an angel from an angel tree.  Here is the web address to the online JC Penny/Salvation Army Angel Tree:

* Surprise a family member by tidying up their bedroom

* Clean the snow and ice off a someones windshield

* Be a secret Santa to someone in need

* Take a bag of groceries to someone in need

* Donate food to your local food bank

* Write a thoughtful note for a loved one

* Leave a larger tip for your server at lunch

* Take a freezer dinner to a friend or neighbor that is always on the run

* Donate your old winter outerwear to a shelter or school

* Help someone stranded on the side of the road with car trouble

* Hold the door for someone who has their arms full

* Donate school supplies to a local school

* Keep $5.o0 in your pocket and find someone to give it to on your next shopping trip

* Help a neighbor hang twinkle lights or trim a tree

* Surprise a family member by preparing their favorite meal for dinner

* Spend some extra time with your children reading books or playing together

* Donate your time at your local food bank or shelter

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